About Professional Ethical Hacker – PEH

The Professional Ethical Hacker (PEH) credential is the most trusted ethical hacking certification and accomplishment recommended by employers globally. It is the most desired information security certification and represents one of the fastest-growing cyber credentials required by critical infrastructure and essential service providers. Since the introduction of PEH in 2022, it is recognized as a standard within the information security community. PEH v1 continues to introduce the latest hacking techniques and the most advanced hacking tools and exploits used by hackers and information security professionals today. The Five Phases of Ethical Hacking and the original core mission of PEH remain valid and relevant today: “Ethical hacking is not a crime, it’s a profession that helps prevent crimes” certification.

A Professional Ethical Hacker is a specialist typically working in a red team environment, focused on attacking computer systems and gaining access to networks, applications, databases, and other critical data on secured systems. A PEH understands attack strategies, the use of creative attack vectors, and mimics the skills and creativity of malicious hackers. Unlike malicious hackers and actors, Professional Ethical Hackers operate with permission from the system owners and take all precautions to ensure the outcomes remain confidential. Bug bounty researchers are expert ethical hackers who use their attack skills to uncover vulnerabilities in the systems.

PEH is the world’s most advanced ethical hacking course covering 14 of the most important security domains any individual will need when they are planning to beef-up the information security posture of their organization. The course provides hacking techniques and tools used by hackers and information security professionals. Professional Ethical Hacker – PEH v1 will teach you the latest commercial-grade hacking tools, techniques, and methodologies used by hackers and information security professionals to lawfully hack an organization. This course includes System Hacking, Website Hacking, Reverse Engineering, Wireless Networks Hacking, AND more.

Security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure and individuals who have highly passionate about hacking.

  • Ethical Hacker
  • Bug Hunter
  • Freelancer
  • IT Security Specialist
  • IT Security Consultant
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Security Administrator
  • Penetration Tester
  • Site Administrator
  • IT Auditor
  • Computer Forensics Analyst
  • Information Security Engineer
  • Cyber Security Engineer
  • Data Security Analyst

Professional Ethical Hacker – PEH (Practical)

  • Exam Title : Professional Ethical Hacker – PEH v1
  • Number of Practical Challenges : 20
  • Duration : 6 hours
  • Test Delivery : Online
  • Passing score : 70% / 14 Marks
  • Open Book : Just Like In The Real World
  • Exam Availability : 1st Day Of Every Month
  • Test Format : Practical Challenges And Multiple Choice

4.9 / 5

Course Duration

Total Content : 16 Topics

Total Lecture : 130 Lessons

Total Duration : 12 Hours

01 : Introduction to Ethical Hacking – Theory

02 : Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) – Theory, Lab

03 : Network Scanning – Theory, Lab

04 : System Hacking – Theory, Lab

05 : Malware Threats – Theory, Lab

06 : Reverse Engineering – Theory, Lab

07 : Cryptography – Theory, Lab

08 : Sniffing – Theory, Lab

09 : Social Engineering – Theory, Lab

10 : Denial-of-Service – Theory, Lab

11 : Hacking WiFi Networks – Theory, Lab

12 : Hacking Web Applications – Theory, Lab

13 : Report Writing – Theory, Lab

14 : Bug Bounty – Theory

  • Professional Ethical Hacker | PEH V1 – Exam

    • Basic knowledge on using computer.
    • The student must be above 18 years of age.



    PEH exam is held on the 1st day of every month from – 10 AM to 2 PM (GMT+6)

    Book Exam Date
    NAZIM UDDINInformation Security Specialist
    An IT engineer with over 6 years of experience. He completed Network+, CEH, CPENT, and OSCP also. He is ranked 20th out of 2M+ people in the global rankings on the well-known CTF platform TryHackMe. He exploited more than 700+ systems.