About Web Development

Web development is the work involved in developing a website for the Internet. Web Development consists of two segments: front end development and backend development. Front-end Developers work with visual designs of a website and build the sites using code. The front end developer builds the structure of a website using HTML, then change the layout using CSS and sometimes uses javascript too. Besides Backend developers work with more advanced issues. They work with API (Application Programming Interfaces), CGI programs and sometimes script like PHP. Websites functionality is their main concern.

Training Duration

Total Class – 20 (4 hours in a Week)

Total-Duration: 80-Hours (20 Weeks)

  1. Concept Of Static & Dynamic Website

  2. Raw PHP Coding
  3. Object Oriented Programming (OOP) PHP
  4. Dynamic Website Development
  5. Admin Panel Integration
  6. Laravel PHP Framework
  7. Ajax
  8. Payment Gateway
  9. Final Project

    • Online Marketplace Overview
    • Offline Marketplace Overview
    • Remote Job Overview
    • About Upwork
    • About Fiverr
    • About PeoplePerHour
    • About Linkedin Job
    • Fiverr Profile Setup + Skill Selection + Title + Overview + Own Video
    • Fiverr – Gig Creation Tricks
    • Buyer Request Sending (Bidding Process)
    • Order Delivery Process & Revision Process
    • Fiverr Levels Benefits & Eligibility
    • Payment Method Adding
    • Upwork Profile Setup + Skill Selection + Title + Overview + Own Video
    • Upwork Test Attending Tricks
    • Top-Rated & Rising Talent Eligibility and Benefits
    • Time Tracking For Hourly job
    • Milestone Process For Fixed Job
    • Bidding(Submit Proposal) + Award-Winning Cover Letter Tricks
    • Payment Process + Get Paid + Withdraw Money
    • How to Find Remote Job
    • Remote Job Communication System
    • Remote Job Contract System
    • Remote Job Payment Method
    • Full Overview
  • Web Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Backend Engineer
  • Full Stack Web Application Developer